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Register of Deeds: Vicky Lopez
Lyon County Courthouse, 1st floor
430 Commercial Street
Emporia KS 66801
620-341-3438 (fax)

Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday thru Friday

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Documents that have traditionally been delivered or mailed to the Clerk & comptroller of Court by runner, express mail or courier services can now be processed with e-Recording, simplifying and accelerating all aspects of the recording process. The most commonly e-Recorded documents are Mechanic’s Liens, Notices, Release of Lien, Deeds, Mortgages, Assignment of Mortgages, Notice of Commencements, and Satisfactions of Mortgages.

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Lyon County Recording Information

Document Formatting Requirements
Recording real estate deeds in Lyon County, Kansas.

The Register of Deeds office records, preserves, and maintains real property documents for the county. Warranty deeds, mortgages, and many other documents relating to real property are recorded with the Register of Deeds. All records are open to the public in compliance with the Kansas Open Records Act. If the Register of Deeds finds that an instrument contains apparent errors, he/she will not record the instrument until the grantee has been notified, if such notification is possible.

Recording Act: Every such instrument in writing, certified and recorded in the manner hereinbefore prescribed, shall, from the time of filing the same with the register of deeds for record, impart notice to all persons of the contents thereof; and all subsequent purchasers and mortgagees shall be deemed to purchase with notice.

No such instrument in writing shall be valid, except between the parties thereto, and such as have actual notice thereof, until the same shall be deposited with the register of deeds for record.


• The document must be signed and notarized and have original signatures of the grantor and notary. The grantor’s name must be typed or printed beneath his/her signature. The notary must use a stamp or seal. If a raised seal is used, then the notary’s name must be printed or typed below the signature. A proper notary statement should include the state, county, signature, seal, expiration date, and the names of those who appeared before the notary.

• All schedules and exhibits accompanying the deed should be clearly identified and labeled.

• Original or certified copies may be accepted. Certified copies are only accepted if they have been certified by another recording office. Photocopies are not accepted.

• The document must be of sufficient legibility to produce a clear reproduction.

• Use paper measuring 8.5×11 inches or 8.5×14 inches. A font size of 12 point and black ink will help to ensure legibility.

• On the first page, provide the name and address of the person who prepared the document.

• The grantor, grantee, or any other person conveying or receiving real property or other interest in real property shall give the grantee’s last known mailing address to the Register of Deeds upon recording. The Register of Deeds will forward this address to the county clerk, who will make necessary changes in the address records for mailing tax statements.

• Sufficient space must be provided for necessary recording information and certification on the first page. According to the Register of Deeds website, “a 2.5 by 2.5 inch margin is appreciated.” Generally, recording information and certification is placed at the top of the first page. Providing a 3-inch top margin that extends the width of the page should offer sufficient space; however, it is best to check with the Register of Deeds for precise instructions. Other margins should be at least 1 inch.

• Immediately below the top margin on the first page, provide a document title.

• For documents pertaining to land records, a complete legal description is required. The abbreviated property description from tax statements cannot be used. This can be in the document or included as an exhibit. City descriptions include a lot, block, and addition or subdivision name. Boundaries indicated by a metes and bounds description should include section, township, and range. If a previously recorded instrument is referenced, the reference book and page should be included.

• The grantor and grantee connected with the real property must be identified in the deed.

• Deeds must list the marital status of grantors involved in the conveyance.

• A tax address must be provided on the deed if a sales validation questionnaire is not provided.


A completed Sales Validation Questionnaire should be included with deeds presented for recording. The grantor or grantee (or either’s agent) should complete this form.

If the questionnaire is not included, an exemption must be noted on the deed. If no sales validation questionnaire is included, a tax address must be provided on the deed.

Real Estate Fees (set by State Law)
Deeds, Mortgages or other instruments of writing for the first page (not to exceed legal size 8 1/2″ x 14″).

$ 8.00

Second page and each additional page or fraction thereof

$ 4.00

Recording town plats

$ 20.00/pg

Release or Assignment of Real Estate Mortgage for first page

$ 7.00

Second page and each additional page

$ 2.00

For each additional book and page assigned or released

$ 5.00

UCC Filing Fees
For any filing or service provided for in the Uniform Commercial Code, the amount therein provided shall be charged and collected.
Original financing statement
Amended financing statement
Continuation statement
Separate statement of assignment
Statement of Release of all or part of any collateral described in a filed financing statement
Termination statement
Attachments per page (after first ten pages, which are included in initial fee)
Written information request: Per debtor name
Copy request: A copy of any filed financing statement or statement of assignment $1.00 per page

Incorporated cities

Name and population (2010 census):

Emporia, 24,916 (county seat)
Americus, 894
Olpe, 546
Hartford, 371
Neosho Rapids, 265
Reading, 231
Allen, 177
Admire, 156
Bushong, 34

Unincorporated communities


19th century

For millennia, the land that is currently Kansas was inhabited by Native Americans. In 1803, most of modern Kansas was secured by the United States as part of the Louisiana Purchase. In 1806, Zebulon Pike led the Pike expedition westward from St Louis, Missouri, of which part of their journey followed the Cottonwood River through Lyon County.[2] In 1854, the Kansas Territory was organized. In 1862, Lyon County was founded.

In 1871, the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway extended a main line from Emporia to Newton.[3]


Zip codes for Lyon County-Kansas

66830 Admire 620 Lyon County Kansas (KS)
66833 Allen 620 Lyon County Kansas (KS)
66835 Americus 620 Lyon County Kansas (KS)
66833 Bushong 620 Lyon County Kansas (KS)
66801 Emporia 620 Lyon County Kansas (KS)
66854 Hartford 620 Lyon County Kansas (KS)
66864 Neosho Rapids 620 Lyon County Kansas (KS)
66865 Olpe 620 Lyon County Kansas (KS)
66868 Reading 620 Lyon County Kansas (KS)