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Documents that have traditionally been delivered or mailed to the Clerk & comptroller of Court by runner, express mail or courier services can now be processed with e-Recording, simplifying and accelerating all aspects of the recording process. The most commonly e-Recorded documents are Mechanic’s Liens, Notices, Release of Lien, Deeds, Mortgages, Assignment of Mortgages, Notice of Commencements, and Satisfactions of Mortgages.

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Racine County Recording Information

Document Formatting Requirements
Real property documents pertaining to property situated in Racine County may be recorded with the Register of Deeds.


• Documents should be submitted on 8.5×11 inch white paper or 8.5×14 inch white paper. Paper should be at least 20 pound weight. Individual pages may not be hinged together at the top, bottom, or sides.

• The document should be printed or typed in black or red ink, except for signatures, which should be dark black.

• Original signatures, notarized or authenticated, should be in the document.

• At the top of the first page, a ½ inch by 2 inch area should be left blank in the upper left corner. This will contain the document number.

• On the right side of the first page, a 3×3 inch blank area should be provided for recording data in the upper right corner.

• Below this section, in a minimum 1×3 inch area, the return address should be provided.

• Other margins should be at least ½ an inch at the top of the page and ¼ of an inch at the bottom and sides.

• A space and a line should be provided below the return address, and the line should be labeled as “parcel identification number.” This is also known as a Tax ID number. If multiple parcels are affected by the instrument, the line below the return address may be used to refer to another area of the instrument where the parcel identification number is located. Racine County follows the “prefix-number” format for the parcel ID numbers. Examples and instructions can be found on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue webpage.

• A document title should be given on the first page. This should be not less than 0.5 inches or more than 3 inches from the top of the document. If more than one instrument name is given, it will be indexed under the first name.

• If the first page requirements are not met, a cover page will be added to the document. This will result in additional fees.

• The name of the person who drafted the document should be given in the bottom left corner of the first page. The following statement can be used: “This instrument was drafted by NAME.”

• A document should identify the interest conveyed, and any material term, condition, reservation, exception or contingency upon which the interest is to arise, continue or be extinguished, limited or encumbered.

Legal description:
A complete legal description should include the following information: 1) Platting information (for platted property), in the form of a subdivision name or certified survey map number, or by lot and block. 2) If the property is not platted, then the description should be given in metes and bounds tied into the Public Lands Survey System. 3) Public Land Survey information: quarter section or quarter/quarter section, section number, town number, and range number. 4) Municipality. 5) County.

A completed Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return (with proper fee or exemption number) should be submitted with a deed or other document of conveyance.

The current rate is $3 per $1,000 of consideration.


The standard real estate recording fee is $30 per document.

If sending documents in through the mail, the correct recording fees should be provided.

Using a cover page will result in an additional $2.

All documents received after 4 pm are recorded the next business day.


Fees are governed by Wisconsin Statutes and are uniform throughout the State.

(Recorded documents will be returned to sender or designee.) 

Deeds, Mortgages, Land Contracts, Satisfactions, etc. and Miscellaneous Documents

Wisconsin Act 314 (2010) changed the Register of Deeds recording fee to $30*.  A Register of Deeds was required to use $5 of the recording fee to make a reasonable effort to redact social security numbers from recorded documents that are viewed or accessible on the Internet.  Once the Register of Deeds has completed the project, the redaction portion of the fee should be eliminated.  Washington & Burnett County’s redaction project is nearing its final stage and will be completed by December 31, 2011.

Note: Maximum size sheet: 8 1/2″ x 14″. One side of a sheet constitutes a page and any riders attached are considered another page.

HT-110 $30* (flat fee regardless of the number of pages)

Document Copies and Certified Copies

Copies of recorded documents are $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 each additional page, plus $1.00 for certificate if a certified copy is requested. Faxed documents will be charged an additional fee per page. Check with your register of deeds for FAX fees. Fees must be received, before copies are sent out.   Link to Counties that require the property tax bill along with the HT-110


Subdivision, Cemetery and Condominium Plats are $50 regardless of the number of pages.

Department of Transportation Project Plats (TPP) are $25 with one page being one plat.

Plats are 22 X 30″ in size except for Condominium Plats which are 14 X 22.”

State Plat Review Archival Document Sources


Lis Pendens (can also be recorded), Writ of Attachments, and Filed documents for which no other fee is specified in Wisconsin Statutes

  • $30.00

Copies of filed documents are $2.00 for first page and $1.00 each additional page, plus $1.00 for the certificate if a certificate is requested.

Table of Contents


Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Fee Information
Tips to Searching recorded DOR eTransfer Returns
Links to Electronic Form Information
  1. A transfer form and fee or exemption number is required for all conveyances EXCEPT when exemptions 1, 2r, 4 and 11 apply.

  2. Form is to be completed in DETAIL.  Link to form information

  3. Current rate of fee is $3.00 per $1000 of value rounded off to the next higher hundred. See form for exceptions.

  4. VALUATION MUST BE SHOWN when documents are exempt except if exempt under 77.25(3) and (11)

  5. Both Grantor and Grantee OR their agent MUST sign form.

  6. Transfers involving rental property must be accompanied by a certificate of compliance (if not previously done) to prove that weatherization standards have been met, or with a stipulation which is an agreement to bring the property up to code.

  7. Checklist for preparation of Documents to be recorded
    Fee Schedule
    Your document format must conform to Wisconsin Act 110, Standard Document Format implemented September 1, 1996. Requirements include 3 by 3″ blank space in upper right hand corner, minimum 1/2 inch margins at the top of each page, minimum 1/4 inch margins on sides and bottom of first page, white standard weight paper, black ink and no hinged pages.  See link below for more information on Standard Document Format
    Standard Document Format
    The document title must be within the top 3″ but not encroach on the 1/2 inch top margin or the recording area. Click link below to open separate page for Document Tutorial
    A return name and address must be entered on the document either under the recording area on the right or else on the upper left corner under the space for the document number.
    The entire document must be legible and reproducible.
    Parcel Identifier Numbers (PIN) are required on documents in some counties. Check with your local register of deeds about this requirement. If it is required, the PIN must be located directly below the return name and address.  See link below for more PIN informaton
    Parcel Identifier Numbers
    Documents pertaining to real estate require the complete legal descriptions of the property.  See link below for more information on complete legal descriptions
    Complete Legal Descriptions
    Original signatures are required.
    The document must refer to land within the county it is recorded.
    A complete Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer form, revised November, 1997 or later, is required for conveyances.  The next two links provide Instructions and more information.
    Real Estate Transfer
    Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Fee Information
    Multiple mortgage, assignments or satisfactions may not be placed on the same instrument.
    A notary’s acknowledgement and valid commission date are required.
    The correct recording fee is required.  See Fee Schedule below
    Fee Schedule
    Record the document in the appropriate county.  For County information see link below
    List of Counties
    About Uniform Commercial see link below

Cities, villages, and towns
Racine County sign on WIS 11

Burlington (city) (most; partly in Walworth County)
Burlington (town)
Elmwood Park
Mount Pleasant
North Bay
Racine (County Seat)
Union Grove
Waterford (village)
Waterford (town)
Wind Point


Census-designated places

Unincorporated communities


Zip codes for Racine County-Wisconsin

53105 Burlington 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53108 Caledonia 414 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53126 Franksville 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53139 Kansasville 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53401 Racine 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53402 Racine 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53403 Racine 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53404 Racine 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53405 Racine 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53406 Racine 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53407 Racine 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53408 Racine 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53167 Rochester 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53177 Sturtevant 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53182 Union Grove 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53185 Waterford 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)
53185 Wind Lake 262 Racine County Wisconsin (WI)